Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oct 14th, 2010

We got our closing date yesterday (we close Oct 25th!) so construction will beginning soon. Since we want to document this entire process we took a drive over today to snap a few pics.

The view from where our driveway will begin

I'm standing at one corner of the home...Shaun's at the other


Our favorite tree...last November
November 2009

and today

Is that a smile I see on his face?!


I'm not comfortable sharing our exact floorplan online.
Here is the view of the front and back view of the home.

We're ordering a modular home to save time. The siding is going to be green and the shutters/trim/doors are white. Our basement is going to be a daylight/walkout basement.


Forty West

This blog is being started to track the progress of our dream home. From start to finish.

We've been wanting to build a new house for roughly 10 years now. So this is a dream that has been in the works for a long time.

Forty West is our address. For the rest of our lives...we'll be living at Fory West...surrounded by family and pine trees.