Friday, November 12, 2010

Lot has been cleared.

Photos taken 11/11/2010
Stack of trees


All clear (and sunny!)

I'm standing at one corner of the house (Ben and Garrett's bedroom) and Shaun's at the opposite corner (Master Bath)



My tree huggers (Ben & Garrett)

Road/driveway is in.

Photos taken 11/11/2010

It's a little muddy...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The tree hugger in me feels a bit guilty...the homeowner in me is FREAKING excited!!!!
We have progress!!! Yaaaaay!!!!!!!




Monday, November 8, 2010

Paint Ramblings...

The house will arrive primed and ready to be painted.

So we need to pick colors for a house we've never set foot in. It's harder then you would think.

This is what we've fallen in love with...

ALL Trim ~ Snowy Mount
Dining Room ~ Secret Passage
Kitchen ~ Almond Paste
Living Room ~ Almond Paste, Weeping Willow, or Secret Passage
Declan's Room ~ Blue Silk
Ben and Garrett's Room ~ Blue Silk
Logan and Billy's Room ~ ?
Boy's Bathroom ~ ?
Masterbath ~ ?
Master Bedroom ~ ?

I love love love the dining room in the brochure...


Lowes is totally my new favorite store. I could walk through there and daydream on a daily basis...but to not freak out the workers I'm trying to keep it on a weekly basis.

I found the perfect mailbox. Big enough to hold several skeins of yarn and a few bills. I can't wait to buy it and have Shaun install it.

We looked at numbers for the front of the house, a "pretty" outside light since the one the home comes with is pretty ugly, ceiling fans for the master bedroom, pendant lights for over the kitchen bar, and paint colors.

We found THE PERFECT ARRAY of colors. Shaun picked up the brochure and showed me and it was exactly the cool/muted tones I had in mind. I love how we click like that on certain things. <3


I hate hate hate packing/moving so I figured if I do a little each week it will be easier for me then waiting and tossing everything in boxes just to get out of here and clutter up the new house.

I'm removing clutter from our lives. If it doesn't have a goes in the trash/donation bag. We have too many people living under one roof for stuff to be around just to have "stuff" around. Sorry nick're going. Well all of you but my beloved mama figurines.

We have made progress though. We purged most of the playroom last week. Removing all broken toys really cut the stash down. With Christmas right around the corner this was one of the biggest areas of clutter that needed to be dealt with.

Our bedroom is next in line for purging/packing.

Waiting. Patiently.

As patiently as we can be...we're waiting. It feels like we're watching paint dry right now. Or rather trees growing...waiting for the trucks to come rolling in.

We did close on the house Oct 25. Which was rather anti-climatic. I thought it would be this huge deal but it was really just signing a few papers with the lawyer and loosing a few grand. Nothings really happened since then. Not that I thought the dump trucks would pull up that afternoon...but it would have been nice if they had. :-)

I had Shaun call the builder's today and they said the house is scheduled to be in Maine on Dec 14th. That is sooo soon...but where are they going to put it?! They haven't even moved one tree yet...let alone pour a foundation, drill a well, and build a road.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oct 14th, 2010

We got our closing date yesterday (we close Oct 25th!) so construction will beginning soon. Since we want to document this entire process we took a drive over today to snap a few pics.

The view from where our driveway will begin

I'm standing at one corner of the home...Shaun's at the other


Our favorite tree...last November
November 2009

and today

Is that a smile I see on his face?!


I'm not comfortable sharing our exact floorplan online.
Here is the view of the front and back view of the home.

We're ordering a modular home to save time. The siding is going to be green and the shutters/trim/doors are white. Our basement is going to be a daylight/walkout basement.


Forty West

This blog is being started to track the progress of our dream home. From start to finish.

We've been wanting to build a new house for roughly 10 years now. So this is a dream that has been in the works for a long time.

Forty West is our address. For the rest of our lives...we'll be living at Fory West...surrounded by family and pine trees.