Monday, November 8, 2010

Waiting. Patiently.

As patiently as we can be...we're waiting. It feels like we're watching paint dry right now. Or rather trees growing...waiting for the trucks to come rolling in.

We did close on the house Oct 25. Which was rather anti-climatic. I thought it would be this huge deal but it was really just signing a few papers with the lawyer and loosing a few grand. Nothings really happened since then. Not that I thought the dump trucks would pull up that afternoon...but it would have been nice if they had. :-)

I had Shaun call the builder's today and they said the house is scheduled to be in Maine on Dec 14th. That is sooo soon...but where are they going to put it?! They haven't even moved one tree yet...let alone pour a foundation, drill a well, and build a road.

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